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Western Union Business Solutions

Trusted payments specialist for law firms worldwide

Western Union Business Solutions

Western Union Business Solutions is one of the world’s leading providers of cross-border business payments.

Western Union Business Solutions enables companies of all sizes to send and receive cross-border payments and manage foreign exchange. With deep expertise in moving funds around the globe, access to over 130 currencies, and a global financial network spanning more than 200 countries and territories, we help companies spend less time managing international financial transactions and more time growing their businesses. 

We have extensive experience working with clients in a variety of sectors, including import and export, wine and spirits, agriculture, mining, and non-profit. We also offer customized solutions for law firms.


Specialised solutions for law firms

Western Union Business Solutions is a trusted payments specialist for law firms worldwide. With 30 years’ experience partnering with over 700 law firms across the globe, we know how to help streamline your firms’ domestic and cross-border payments. Our online system helps streamlines international and domestic payments processes, reduces risk when paying foreign invoices, and integrates with law firm specific accounting packages.


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Western Union Business Solutions
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  • Future Payments - Streamline costs and client billing



    Always think of the future and manage your currency risk


    Future Payments provide the convenience of billing clients a fixed U.S. dollar cost for invoices from foreign associates. This feature not only helps provide greater control, but also eliminates the need to re-bill clients due to exchange rate fluctuations.


    View Future Pay Brochure



    Talk to a legal global payments expert on how Future Payments works!

    More Information » lookbook.westernunion.com/us_legal_future_pay_2020...

  • Incoming Payments for Law firms



    When law firms invoice foreign clients in USD, the process can be costly and time-consuming at both ends. A foreign client must factor in the daily exchange rate and bank fees when settling the bill in US dollars. While you’re charged a standard wire fee regardless of the amount received. These unnecessary costs add up over time, however Western Union Business Solutions can help you save on fees on selected incoming foreign invoices.


    Current Process - A costly way to invoice

    • Your firm receives a UK client’s payment of $1,000 USD and pays a processing fee.

    • The following month, your firm bills your UK client $200 USD.
    • Your UK client pays the $200 USD invoice and is subject to exchange rates and international payment fees.
  • The High Cost of Issuing Small Checks



    How writing paper checks can tie up a company’s cash flow


    Sending a check be 10 times more expensive than other electronic methods like an ACH payment.


    How does your business process invoices? Each month companies make countless payments to clients, vendors, suppliers and more groups all around the globe. Despite advancements in banking, including the use of ACH and wires, issuing paper checks is still a widespread practice. For some bills, the value of each payment is low, but the frequency is high. This means companies must produce a large volume of checks, some of which are valued at very small sums.

    This practice persists across a number of industries, including music royalties, intellectual property law and more. Often these types of businesses must produce checks for global recipients who require payment at frequent intervals. Recently, artists took to social media to s...
    More Information » business.westernunion.com/en-us/global-payment-sol...



Is this the end of checks?
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