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Innovative Computing Systems, Inc.

Your Full-Service Legal Technology Partner Since 1989

Innovative Computing Systems, Inc.

Innovative Computing Systems, Inc., has primarily focused on the technology needs of law firms since 1989, and those skill sets have been sought out by entities such as law firms, corporate environments and professional services organizations. Innovative Computing Systems takes a best-of-breed approach to all its offerings. Innovative Computing Systems selects only premier technology partners to provide solutions to its clients and is committed to maintaining long-term strategic relationships with them to ensure the highest levels of success, both in productivity and with IT initiatives proper. Learn more by visiting www.innovativecomp.com.


  • Managed IT Services

    Many law firms are faced with the necessity of outsourcing some or all of their IT functions to maximize support while controlling costs. Our Managed IT Services group handles your day-to-day operations, minimizing downtime while maximizing profits. Clients enjoy benefits such as fixed-price per seat pricing, a dedicated support team, virtual CIO services, antivirus and firmware updates, system monitoring, document management, backup, 24/7/365 coverage and more.

    More Information » www.innovativecomp.com/managed-services-practice-g...

    Managed IT Services
  • Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

    Our Enterprise Content Management (ECM) group empowers clients to fully leverage organizational knowledge by developing and implementing strategies and technology to capture, manage, store, preserve and deliver content and documents. The services we provide ensure that content is created and managed with business goals in mind, not simply churned out and stored in a repository never to be seen again. To become more efficient, law firms must be proactive about the consistent utilization of existing work product. The new realities of cost-cutting and downward pressure on fees make it highly ineffective to reinvent the wheel for every client and project.

    More Information » www.innovativecomp.com/ECM-practice-group

  • Cloud Services

    Moving to the cloud allows law firms to immediately gain control of operational budgets, safely and securely store important firm and client data, gain world-class disaster data backup and recovery and scale infrastructure at a moment’s notice. Our Cloud practice group helps law firms stay competitive and provide the highest quality service to their clients by moving their data to the cloud, making it accessible and editable from anywhere on any device.

    More Information » www.innovativecomp.com/innovativecloudsolution

    Cloud Services
  • Enterprise Servers & Storage

    Our Enterprise Servers & Storage (ESS) group helps clients build a solid foundation that run their practice. Our highly experienced team works with clients to meet their design, infrastructure and implementation needs. Collaboration with all practice groups ensures compatibility across platforms. Thorough analysis and testing accomplish a balance between future-proofing and unreasonable risk.

    More Information » www.innovativecomp.com/ess-practice-group-0-0

  • Consulting

    The Consulting practice group at Innovative Computing Systems offers clients the opportunity to outsource their entire IT management function, or bring on high-level expertise without making an investment in additional overhead. We advise clients on their strategic roadmap and budget, audit their needs, advise on IT policy, and help plan for business continuity.

    More Information » www.innovativecomp.com/Consulting

  • Desktop Management

    Productivity is directly impacted by the quality of the environment in which lawyers, paralegals and professionals work. Whether operating a desktop, laptop, tablet or other device, peak performance is mandatory. Our Desktop Management group is composed of engineers with highly specialized knowledge. We design environments that scale with simple and effective interface.

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  • Telephony & Networking

    Adopting IP Telephony can result in significant cost reductions, improved productivity and enhanced collaboration. Our Telephony & Networking group carefully selects industry leading technologies. We design, implement, train and support best of breed solutions that our clients can depend on

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  • Innovative Computing Systems, Inc.
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    United States
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  • William Pate
    William Pate

    Innovative Computing Systems, Inc.
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    Michael Kemps

    CEO and Founder
    Innovative Computing Systems, Inc.
    El Segundo, California

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    Director of Sales & Marketing
    Innovative Computing Systems, Inc.
    Austin, Texas

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    Account Executive
    Innovative Computing Systems, Inc.
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    Amy Kosey

    Account Executive
    Innovative Computing Systems, Inc.
    San Francisco, California

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    Sales Engineer
    Innovative Computing Systems, Inc.
    El Segundo, California