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Focus on your firm, not: Payroll, HR, Retirement, Benefits, Paperwork & Compliance


As a Legal Administrator, you wear multiple hats. How you balance every aspect of your firm on a daily basis is truly remarkable - kudos to you. We believe, and we hope you agree, that time is your most valuable asset - although there never seems to be enough of it.


As an affiliate partner to the DC Bar, and their consultant for the past 33 years, Joe Appelbaum created CalmHR with you in mind, and is backed by our experience and expertise working with law firms of all sizes.


With CalmHR you:


- Gain access to a full suite of custom services, everything from pre-hire to post-employment, to simplify your entire back office and relieve the day-to-day stress of business operations.


- Can provide payroll, benefits, HR, retirement, compliance and more, all on one simple platform.


- Have an entire team of subject matter experts on hand and at your disposal who are your supportive mechanism delivering white-glove concierge service.


Finally, a Calm way to handle HR.


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Solving the Top 3 HR Challenges for Legal Administrators (ALA Legal Marketplace) Joeseph Appelbaum
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    “Our firm is not large enough to participate in the group savings that are available to larger employers, Joe Appelbaum has always proactively provided us with innovative ways to save money on our health care plan while continuing to offer our employees comprehensive benefits. The team has educated us on how to greatly reduce costs on our prescription drug plan and has offered suggestions to provide our participants with much needed cost-savings as well. These experts are extremely responsive and available at any time to answer any questions that may arise. Throughout our relationship, Joseph Appelbaum and his team have taken the time t... More »

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  • Joe Appelbaum
    Joe Appelbaum

    CEO & President
    CalmHR, Inc.
    Fort Lauderdale, Florida