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With AppSmart you get a one-stop shop for business technology. We offer leading cloud applications with outstanding support, the best connectivity, voice, and energy/IoT solutions, plus unbiased advice to help you quickly find and implement the best technology for your business.

With AppSmart, you’ll get access to industry knowledge and experience to guide you in making the right technology and service choices. We can help you identify, customize, and implement solutions that fit your industry, your business, and your needs.

A Proven Six-Step Methodology

The world's top technology service providers are available on AppSmart, giving you easy access to virtually any technology solution you need.


Understanding your company, team, challenges, and goals allows us to recommend the most efficient Voice, Data, and Cloud solutions for your business.


We evaluate your existing solutions to identify improvements and opportunities for the future, with no upfront cost or obligation.


We prepare a detailed breakdown featuring a curated list of solution providers who will help you conquer challenges and achieve your goals today and in the future.


After helping you determine which provider best fits your needs, we facilitate communication with the provider and ensure you receive the best price, terms, and solution.


We'll negotiate the most favorable contract terms available with any supplier on your behalf.


We work diligently to make sure your order is implemented correctly and on time, and are always available for updates, moves, or changes as your business evolves.

All the Leading Technology Services

Make unbiased decisions with our support. We can help you evaluate the nations leading providers and solutions that are ideal for your specific business needs. 


  • Software Solutions

    AppSmart helps you create the right sotfware solutions for your business More »

    Software Solutions
  • Infrastructure

    Maintain control of your systems and servers while gaining the economy of scale that comes from an outsourced data center location. More »

  • Connectivity

    Keep your organization up and running with high-performance internet connectivity. More »

  • Wireless / Mobility

    Choose the ideal plan and stay connected with reliable mobile broadband connectivity. More »

    Wireless / Mobility
  • Managed Services

    Get help with managing your communications and connectivity services and gain the peace of mind that you're not overpaying. More »

    Managed Services
  • Energy

    One of the biggest costs for many businesses are utilities. With the AppSmart advantage, you can improve energy efficiency, reduce waste, and enhance the comfort and experience for your customers and employees. More »

  • Devices
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