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Royal Cup Coffee and Tea

No matter what you drink, drink Royal Cup.

Royal Cup Coffee and Tea

Most people have come to expect that the coffee brewed at the office is bad. You’re probably here because your office coffee fits that expectation or even worse, you don’t have any. We’re here to change that.

As your first impression, coffee is the connection between everyone in your office, from your team to your visitors to a potential new-hire. It starts the conversation, closes the deal, and keeps your team fueled and productive.

Your office coffee can significantly aide the success of your fellow employees and business. Idealistic? Yes. Realistic? More so than you think.

Research has shown that workers love coffee – 65 percent drink office coffee, at an average of two cups a day. In addition to staying alert and awake, research also indicates that coffee improves performance by staying focused and improving memory. Offering a quality coffee program improves your culture, while allowing colleagues to collaborate – it is a simple perk that improves morale.

So say “no” to bad office coffee. Your company is better than that, your team deserves better than that, and your taste buds certainly desire better than that. With our simple, affordable, and complete coffee program, you will make a lasting impact on your company.

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