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Backed by over 20 years of experience in native cloud innovation, NetDocuments offers a complete end-to-end platform for document and email organization and management, including award-winning security and research capabilities; robust automation, collaboration, and search technologies; and seamless integrations with other tools professionals use daily. NetDocuments supports 7,000+ law firms, corporate legal departments, and public sector entities globally. 

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  • Document Management Platform

    NetDocuments is your cloud-first, cloud-only content management platform where you can secure, organize, automate, and collaborate on all your documents, emails, and conversations — from anywhere, using any device.

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    Document Management Platform
  • Email Management

    ndMail provides busy professionals with a more automatic and efficient system for filing, storing, and organizing email without ever having to leave Outlook.

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    Email Management
  • SetBuilder

    Remove the manual and tedious task of building document sets for everyone in your organization, whether it be creating closing documentation or organizing onboarding documents for new hires. With SetBuilder you can standardize your processes, streamline workflows, and increase the speed of service delivery to your document compiling and distribution efforts right away.

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  • PatternBuilder

    Automate your expertise! Eliminate repetitive tasks and make sure work is done the right way — your way — every time.

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  • ChatLink For Microsoft Teams

    To maintain security and governance, your messaging, collaboration, and document management systems all need to be connected. ChatLink provides that connection — by integrating the NetDocuments platform with Microsoft Teams.

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    ChatLink For Microsoft Teams

  • Combining the Power of Practice Management and Document Management Systems

    Building your law firm tech stack is filled with decisions and endless questions to ensure you’re enabling lawyers and staff to do their best work, without breaking the budget. Among the many tools that law firms rely on are practice management (PM) solutions and document management systems (DMSs). Individually, legal PM and DMS platforms offer substantial benefits for law firms. But believe it or not, these two systems are better when connected and used together. Find out how to get greater value from both systems and elevate your firm’s client services in this free eBook. More »

    Combining the Power of Practice Manageme...
  • Automate Your Expertise! Where to Begin

    Tedious processes such as data entry, information or service intake requests, bulk document creation, and document review are just some of the manual tasks that can be reduced from daily workloads thanks to innovative automation technology. But while great automation tools exist, not all of them are suited to handle the volume, logic, and security required for your complex work. What does automation look like for your teams, and where do you begin? Discover more in this guide. More »

    Automate Your Expertise! Where to Begin
  • Client Retention Strategies & Acquisition Insights for Law Firms

    What is better than acquiring one new client? If you answered two new clients, you’re right. If you answered retaining one existing client — even better. Client acquisition and retention should be an integral part of your firm’s business strategy. In this on-demand webinar, learn key strategies and insights that you should consider for growing and maintaining strong client relationships. More »

    Client Retention Strategies & Acquis...