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Micron Systems (A Litera Company)

Talent Management Software Specifically Designed for Law Firms

Micron Systems (A Litera Company)

Micron Systems is the leading developer of talent management software specifically for law firms. Our products are trusted by hundreds of firms from the NLJ 500 and our clients are supported by 25 years of unmatched industry experience and service. Micron currently offers three world-class, mobile-friendly products for law firms—CE Manager, Top Performance and LawCruit.


  • LMS & CLE Tracking Software

    A Learning Management System (LMS) with the industry-leading CLE tracking engine.


    Manage your law firm’s CLE, CPD, and learning with these powerful features: Accurate CLE tracking and compliance management for all US jurisdictions, and CPD Compliance Tracking internationally – all tracked with detail and precision. Provide your attorneys and staff with a user-friendly Learning Management System (LMS). Access advanced, multi-office course scheduling with seamless Outlook integration.

    More Information » www.micronsystems.com/solutions/law-firms

    LMS & CLE Tracking Software
  • Performance Evaluation Software

    World-class performance management software with unique features for law firms.


    Motivate and inspire your lawyers and staff to achieve peak performance with these exciting features: Evaluate individuals across offices, departments, positions, and levels including partners, associates, and staff. Create custom evaluations based on roles, departments, client matters, and more. Achieve performance objectives through an effective 360 evaluation process or immediate feedback. 

    More Information » www.micronsystems.com/solutions/law-firms

    Performance Evaluation Software
  • Applicant Tracking System

    A law firm Applicant Tracking System (ATS) with video interviewing and LinkedIn integration.


    Streamline your entire candidate-to-hire process with these dynamic features: Integrate seamlessly with attorney and interviewer Outlook calendars for easy interview scheduling. Customize and automate emails to applicants based on their status and interview results. Provide a customizable dashboard for each recruiter to view applicants for specific positions and interview information.

    More Information » www.micronsystems.com/solutions/law-firms

    Applicant Tracking System
  • Resource Management & Work Allocation Software

    An all-new Resource & Work Management product with an emphasis on diversity.

    Find the best lawyers and staff for assignments and deliver successful projects, all while prioritizing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). Help your firm to avoid unconscious biases through fair and equitable work distribution by making sure you align the firm’s workload with your most suitable workforce resources.

    More Information » www.micronsystems.com/solutions/law-firms

    Resource Management & Work Allocation So...


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    Digital learning is here to stay. The future of work will require organizations to assess the focus of firmwide Learning and Development (L&D) strategies and build learning plans accordingly. The Micron Systems' Editorial Team outlines five questions you should answer while setting up continuing education (CE) and compliance learning plans for the staff and professionals at your firm. More »

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  • A World Without Ratings: The Future of Performance Management

    Even before COVID-19 introduced unprecedented challenges to the HR status quo, the perfect performance review process did not exist. After decades of research and real-world implementations, the rapidly evolving workforce continues to lead us back to the question of how to engineer the perfect performance management process. To rate or not to rate? The Micron Systems' Editorial Team explores a simpler approach to this complex question. More »

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  • LawCruit Makes Video Interviews in a Remote World Easy

    LawCruit has collaborated with Zoom and WebEx to make the process of scheduling a video interview simple and easy. These newly added integrations allow you to use your existing WebEx and Zoom accounts to create unique interview links for each applicant. Remote interviewing could not be simpler. More »

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