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A global service provider, Intelliteach offers a full range of business process outsourcing for IT and accounting professionals within the legal industry. We offer complete coverage for any technology or support issues, and are able to create cost-effective methods in accounts receivables management. Intelliteach operates to save you time and money – both commodities which can significantly improve the profitability and function of your law firm.

Delivering superior service to top AM200 firms, Intelliteach integrates essential services along with key technologies that have been developed exclusively for the legal industry. With IQTrack, our cloud-based ticketing software, and iRIS Technologies, our business reporting intelligence software, we keep you fully informed of each movement with your firm.


  • Accounting Services

    We infuse life into the revenue cycle. The goal of your law firm’s accounting department is to invoice and manage accounts receivables as efficiently as possible. If your firm isn’t aware of what processes are dragging the cycle down, how can you hope to improve customer satisfaction and ultimately, profitability?

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  • Service Desk

    Complete Service Desk Outsourcing Intelliteach provides live end-user Service Desk support 24/7/365. And we can support an extensive list of applications used by the legal profession.

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