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  • Word LX™ Professional

    Word LX™ Professional lets you quickly build a collection of customized, firm-branded templates and documents that can be easily accessed and managed through Microsoft Word. Specialized editing tools are included to simplify document creation and formatting, allowing your firm to drive significant improvements in quality, accuracy and productivity. Designed for small to medium-sized law firms.

    More Information » infowaregroup.com/word-lx-professional

  • Word LX™ Enterprise

    Word LX™ Enterprise transforms Microsoft Word into an easy-to-use tool for managing and accessing templates and precedents and provides time-saving features that simplify and accelerate document formatting. Designed for medium to large-sized firms.

    More Information » infowaregroup.com/word-lx-enterprise

  • Word DA™

    Built into Microsoft Word, Word DA™ provides a set of document automation tools that allow you to build, manage and access your content efficiently, and easily design intelligent templates enabling you to produce higher quality documents faster and easier. Available on its own or packaged with either Word LX™ product.

    More Information » infowaregroup.com/document-assembly



  • Dan Sharp
    Dan Sharp

    President and CEO
    Toronto, Canada

  • Steve Brooks
    Steve Brooks

    Manager of Business Development
    Toronto, Canada

  • Michael Barrons
    Michael Barrons

    VP of Marketing and Operations
    Toronto, Canada