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DocsCorp when they are looking for easy-to-use software that empowers them to work safer and smarter. We are a global brand with more than 500,000 users in over 65 countries who rely on our software every day. Our product portfolio is a list of must-have technologies that include:

  • Email recipient checking
  • Metadata cleaning
  • Document comparison
  • PDF creation, editing and bundling
  • Redaction
  • Automated OCR processing
  • Automated compression processing
  • Template management and document assembly

Our Solutions:

  • cleanDocs offers email recipient checking, metadata cleaning, and attachment checking within a single UI.
  • compareDocs is a fast and accurate comparison tool that is reliable, stable, and easy-to-use. It significantly reduces the time needed to compare versions across multiple document types.
  • contentCrawler is a server-based automated OCR and compression solution. It analyzes document repositories and automatically converts image-based files to PDF so all content is fully searchable.
  • pdfDocs is a fully featured PDF application that enables users to easily create, manage, bundle, and edit PDF files from multiple sources.
  • veroDocs is a modern document assembly platform that transforms the way firms can produce, work, and collaborate on documents within Microsoft Office and Microsoft 365.

Our software integrates out-of-the-box with the leading document and enterprise content management systems to streamline processes and to drive business efficiency. We offer firms a combination of on-premises and cloud integrations.

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  • cleanDocs

    cleanDocs stops accidental data breaches by removing over 100 harmful metadata types from Microsoft Office documents and by having users confirm the email recipients and attachments are correct upon clicking Send. Users are presented with a single screen where they can action a series of time-saving tasks such as rename and clean attachments or convert to secure PDFs or ZIP file. Users can check the recipient list for external or blacklisted email domains, Reply All actions and Bcc inclusions to ensure the right information is being sent to the right person every time.

    More Information » www.docscorp.com/products/cleandocs/metadata-manag...

  • compareDocs

    compareDocs is the leading tool for comparing and analyzing documents for differences across all document types. compareDocs delivers unprecedented accuracy and efficiency, catching every insertion, deletion, or move in every document.

    Loading documents into the interface is made easy by multiple integration points. Users can add documents directly from Microsoft Office, Outlook, leading document management systems and Windows file systems. Or, by simply dragging and dropping into compareDocs and pressing compare - it’s that simple. Changes can be marked up as a non-editable redline, oras an interactive Track Changes document. 

    More Information » www.docscorp.com/products/comparedocs/document-com...

  • contentCrawler

    contentCrawler is an integrated analysis, processing and reporting framework that assesses documents for bulk OCR and compression processing. contentCrawler converts all image-based documents in a Windows File System, document management system (DMS) or other repository to text-searchable PDFs and saves them back as new or replacement documents ready to be indexed and found. The Compression module can apply compression and downsampling to all PDFs, reducing file size and associated storage costs. contentCrawler runs as an automated end-to end process that doesn’t require any intervention from staff. It can process new files added to a repository as well as existing or legacy files.

    More Information » www.docscorp.com/products/contentcrawler/bulk-imag...

  • pdfDocs

    pdfDocs is a project-centric PDF application that gives users the ability to create, collate, edit, annotate, and secure PDF and PDF/A content. It powers higher levels of productivity by integrating with core business applications and systems. Users can set up Organizer workspaces for specific cases, matters, or projects complete with unique output and security settings. The collated document set can be printed, emailed or saved from the Organizer as a single, secure PDF or profiled directly into a document management system.

    More Information » www.docscorp.com/products/pdfdocs/pdf-management

  • pdfDocs Binder

    pdfDocs binder automates the assembly and conversion of vast amounts of documents into a single or multi-PDF document for secure distribution. Documents and folders, even folders with sub-folders from a Microsoft Windows file or document management system can be easily added to the binder. The documents and folders can be rearranged within the binder with drag and drop ease, adding headers/footers, a cover page, links, bookmarks, page numbering, and security settings. The binder output can be distributed to clients or third parties quickly and securely – complete with an interactive Table of Contents.

    More Information » www.docscorp.com/products/pdfdocs/electronic-pdf-b...

    pdfDocs Binder
  • veroDoc

    veroDocs is a modern document assembly platform that transforms the way firms can produce, work, and collaborate on documents within Microsoft Office and Microsoft 365. veroDocs simplifies the document production process from start to finish. It minimizes the time spent on document assembly so that users can focus on higher-value work. Without centralized templates, it’s easy to make a mistake or miss something. Working from the corporate templates you create in veroDocs guarantees professionalism and consistency across the business. 

    More Information » www.docscorp.com/products/verodocs/document-creati...