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dealcloser is the fastest growing transaction management software in North America. It helps lawyers, administrators and their teams maximize efficiencies and speed up their transaction processes. With dealcloser, law firms close more transactions in less time, reduce overead costs and ultimately bill and collect faster after the transaction is closed.
What our clients are saying about us.

"Working with the software product, and staff at dealcloser, has been nothing short of revolutionary. Our business model is based on timely transaction turnaround for clients. dealcloser eliminated the costly, time-consuming and inefficient 'old fashioned' client signature process, and replaced it with a 'anywhere, anytime' platform. Clients and their professional advisors have instant access to all documents, at all stages of the transaction and document creation process, simply by logging in to a website. Genius."

Douglas F.
"I recently closed a multi-million dollar transaction with dozens of documents, and my paper file is less than half a centimeter thick. We had the most orderly closing imaginable, and were completely ready to close the day before. All that was left for the closing date was the exchange of funds. Closing book was delivered the same day. Clients appreciate it, as well, as it eliminates the need to either be physically present, print/sign/scan/email, or courier documents around."

Kristen K.
"The time saved thus far, has been astronomical. We are easily able to have clients sign from all over the country, with essentially only a few clicks of a button. A file that would have taken months to track down clients and execute fully, can be done now in only minutes."

Taryn C.


  • dealcloser - modernize your transactions!

    It’s time to wave goodbye to the old way of handling corporate transactions, don’t you think?

    Say goodbye to excessive paperwork and administrative tasks, and say hello to secure document storage, easy collaboration and digital signature management.

    Your job doesn’t have to be tedious. Use dealcloser to remove most (if not all) administrative and non-value-added tasks

    This could be how you closed your next Corporate, M&A, Commercial deal:

    • Instant Closing Book generation with the click of a button
    • Complete digital eSignature management
    • Notifying all signers who have unsigned documents with one click
    • Easy collaboration with all relevant parties to a deal (other law firms, accountants, etc.)
    • Built-in document comparison and tracked changes, seamlessly
    • Tracking deal status
      More Information » www.dealcloser.com/how-it-works

    dealcloser - modernize your transactions...


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