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BreachPro, LLC

Cyber Risk Management Specialists

BreachPro, LLC

In today's treacherous world of compliance mandates, security invasion concerns, and asset exposure, all businesses must PREVENT compliance issues, PROTECT their systems, and PRESERVE their assets through total fortification. BreachPro makes this process, and the hard decisions that go along with it, easy.

How secure is your company and client data? Take the "Are You Compliant" Test today, and then reach out to BreachPro to start the process of fortifying your business against an information security breach.


  • InfoSafe Certification

    InfoSafe® makes it simple and affordable for businesses of all sizes to protect against a data breach, and to meet the complex compliance requirements of federal, state and industry regulations for safeguarding customer information, including HIPAA-HITECH, GLBA, Red Flags Rule, PCI, and state laws. 

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    InfoSafe Certification
  • InfoSafe Service Agreement

    BreachPro's InfoSafe program provides you with a complete Cyber RIsk Management (CRM) system, making it simple and affordable to assess your risks, and then implement and maintain a formalized information security plan. Click on the link to sign up for the InfoSafe program today!

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    InfoSafe Service Agreement
  • Cyber Liability Insurance

    ALAcyber.com provides ALA members access to an online quoting tool that lets you quote and bind cyber liability coverage online in minutes. Click on the link to get your quote today or call 888.835.0850 for more information.

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    Cyber Liability Insurance



  • Kurtis Shepherd
    Kurtis Shepherd

    BreachPro and Cyber Liability Consultant
    BreachPro, LLC
    Mesa, Arizona

  • Teresa Perez
    Teresa Perez

    InfoSafe Specialist
    BreachPro, LLC
    Mesa, Arizona