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You might know us for our digital dictation products because our products are trusted by some of the world’s leading law firms - but dictation is just the start. We’ve developed a range of tools that help busy people achieve more in less time, and law firms become more efficient and effective. Our ambition isn’t just to help people get things done, we’re all about helping big ideas become big achievements. We’re here to Make Big Happen.

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  • BigHand Dictate

    BigHand's industry-leading voice technology makes dictation faster to complete and easier to manage, enabling you to record onto a variety of devices and easily share, prioritize and track your voice files.

    More Information » www.bighand.com/en-us/products/voice/bighand-dicta...

    BigHand Dictate
  • BigHand Speech Recognition

    BigHand Speech Recognition technology, powered by Nuance, automatically converts voice into text so you can create whole documents just by using your voice.

    More Information » www.bighand.com/en-us/products/voice/bighand-speec...

    BigHand Speech Recognition
  • BigHand Go

    BigHand Go is a range of fully-featured dictation applications for all major smartphone and tablet platforms, which enable you to perform tasks such as submit recordings, documents and photos, and approve documents and dictations while on the go. 

    More Information » www.bighand.com/en-us/products/voice/bighand-go

    BigHand Go
  • BigHand Professional

    BigHand Professional allows small and medium sized law firms to quickly access our voice technology for a cost effective per-user annual subscription – and no large upfront investment. Dictation workflow, smartphone apps and hosted Speech Recognition options are all available with BigHand Professional.

    More Information » www.bighand.com/en-us/services/cloud-services/publ...

    BigHand Professional
  • BigHand Now

    BigHand Now is a task delegation tool which enables you to digitize processes with a combination of seamless task capture methods, smart forms and workflows.

    More Information » www.bighand.com/en-us/products/delegate/bighand-no...

    BigHand Now
  • BigHand Create

    BigHand Create allows your document authors and support staff to create firm-standard polished documents at the click of a button.

    More Information » www.bighand.com/en-us/products/produce/bighand-cre...

    BigHand Create
  • BigHand Hyperstyles

    BigHand Hyperstyles makes it easier for you to access the formatting tools you frequently use in Mocrosoft Word more quickly.

    More Information » www.bighand.com/en-us/products/produce/bighand-hyp...

    BigHand Hyperstyles
  • BigHand DocID

    With BigHand DocID you can stamp your documents with helpful identifiers, which makes storing and sorting your documents much easier.

    More Information » www.bighand.com/en-us/products/produce/bighand-doc...

    BigHand DocID
  • BigHand Scrub

    BigHand Scrub is the simple way to remove unwanted metadata from your documents – quickly and safely.

    More Information » www.bighand.com/en-us/products/produce/bighand-scr...

    BigHand Scrub
  • BigHand Capacity Manager

    BigHand Capacity Manager is a platform that gives visibility and helps you to manage capacity and get more done.

    More Information » www.bighand.com/en-us/products/improve/bighand-cap...

    BigHand Capacity Manager
  • BigHand Reporting & Analytics

    BigHand's reporting and analytics tools give you visibility of your workflow like never before. It makes it easy to find the bottlenecks in your process and reassign work more effectively, so your team becomes more effective over time.

    More Information » www.bighand.com/en-us/products/improve/bighand-rep...

    BigHand Reporting & Analytics
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