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Bellefield systems

Better Timekeeping. Amazing Results.


  • How iTimeKeep Benefits Admins

    How do you ensure your firm's attorneys aren't losing time? With the only platform dedicated to making every attorney a better timekeeper: iTimeKeep.

    The iTimeKeep platform makes the entire process easy and contemporaneous, with industry-leading security that is second to none. Others may claim to have a true mobile solution or a simple interface, but we are the only platform that has taken the timekeeping experience EVERYWHERE. Whether on a desktop, laptop, phone, tablet, or wearable, the experience and functionality are the same. No more different appearances or functionality depending on what device you're using. We know work in the legal industry is done around the clock on a variety of devices; iTimeKeep keeps up with attorneys to make them better timekeepers. 

    Because better timekeepers equal amazing results.

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  • Manage Your Time Entry Policy to Higher Revenue

    The timecard is the currency of today's law firm. Unfortunately, many of today's law firms either don't enfore their time entry policy or don't have one at all. This means time is submitted long after the work is performed, which in many cases means time has to be reconstructed days, weeks, or even months later. Finding out how much revenue a lax approach to time entry is costing a firm takes the admin and finance staff hours upon hours manually examining bills and time cards.

    Thrive for iTimeKeep makes the creation, management, and enforcement of your firm's time entry policy incredibly easy. The dashboard view shows how your timekeepers are stacking up against your policy today, this week, this month, or more. Reports on compliance are easily exported to share with attorney's not in compliance or with departments responsible for the reward/penalty part of your policy.

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