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The Meeting Management Solution for Law Firms


Room booking and meeting room management in law firms and legal services can be a real challenge — both for the single legal assistants or attorney that need to book a room for the next client meetings, great presentation, or strategy workshop, but also for the Facilities Management or Corporate Real Estate, who need to ensure the best possible utilization of the workspace to get the most out the real estate investment and the office lease.

AskCody is the Outlook and Office 365-centric self-service solution that empowers legal assistants and attorneys to work smarter and take control of their own scheduling and ordering of catering, AV equipment, and room setup while staying in control centrally. The platform accommodates all organizational aspects of meetings, reducing the organizational load by minimizing the number of hours spent per employee on organizing and scheduling meetings while increasing operational efficiency. The AskCody Platform eliminates office friction, improves productivity, and optimizes workplace utilization and helps Law Firms win back time and reduce stress related to meetings.

AskCody will help you automate these cross-organizational processes and help streamline your meeting booking and management while optimizing utilization of your workplace. All built-in to the platform with no extra integration needed. Even support for Skype for Business and other Video Conference software comes as part of the platform, due to the tight integration with Microsoft.

AskCody provides one unified solution for Meeting Management built for Outlook and Office 365 helping organizations achieve meeting excellence. The solution helps Law Firms and Legal Services to simplify administrative tasks making daily life easier managing the workplace, including meeting management, providing workplace visibility and connecting the work environment.


  • AskCody RoomFinder

    AskCody RoomFinder lets you search for all meeting rooms across multiple locations with ease, right inside the already familiar interface of Outlook and Office 365.

    Finding an available room has never been easier. Users can search and sort by the purpose of a meeting (e.g. video conference), special features (room with a whiteboard or projector), or capacity.

    More Information » www.goaskcody.com/meeting-management/roomfinder-re...

    AskCody RoomFinder
  • Catering Management

    The old way of ordering refreshments or additional meeting room equipment such as AV or workstations for a meeting is cumbersome, time-consuming, difficult to administer, and error-prone.

    With Meeting+, simply book what service you want from Outlook or Office 365 on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone. Corresponding kitchen, canteen management, AV provider, or facility management know exactly what, when, and where you need supplies.

    More Information » www.goaskcody.com/meeting-management/meeting-plus-...

    Catering Management
  • Meeting Room Displays

    Get more out of your meeting rooms instantly! Free rooms when not being used and provide a detailed overview of today's activities for everyone right at the meeting room door!

    Make a reservation, find out if the room is free or occupied, confirm your reservation, improve meeting room utilization, change the face of your office space, and create a premium environment with beautiful Meeting Room displays from AskCody.

    More Information » www.goaskcody.com/meeting-room-displays-and-activi...

    Meeting Room Displays
  • ActivityView

    AskCody ActivityView makes it easy for daily users and visitors to get an overview of the day's events and meeting activities and find the event they are attending. Instantly add visibility anywhere in the office. Busy employees with their hands full or visitors coming in for a meeting can identify the right room in seconds with a quick glance at the digital display.

    ActivityView is the solution for meeting rooms and offices spaces, so people can see which meetings or activities are taking place currently as well as for the rest of the day and easily guide them there.

    More Information » www.goaskcody.com/meeting-room-displays-and-activi...

  • Visitor Management

    Meet your guest's expectations and impress visitors with an easy-to-use check-in and visitor management system.

    Visitors can be added directly from Outlook and sent maps, directions, and the wifi password in advance. Staff will be automatically notified of their arrival. All check-ins are securely stored and archived in a GDPR compliant management portal.

    Security notification, name tag printing, and follow-up can all be automated, freeing up time to focus on your guests. 

    More Information » www.goaskcody.com/visitor-management

    Visitor Management
  • Insights & Analytics

    Instantly enhance productivity and room utilization by controlling meeting room booking behavior. AskCody Insights eases facilities management's tasks and optimize resources and utilization of meeting spaces based on real-time data.

    More Information » www.goaskcody.com/insights

    Insights & Analytics

  • How do you stand out from other law firms?

    When one of Boston’s top law firms needed a technological solution to meetings management and client services, they turned to AskCody. With AskCody, Burns & Levinson has automated labor-intensive meeting tasks such as scheduling, catering, and AV equipment requests to offer a consistent, professional experience for their clients. More »

    How do you stand out from other law firm...
  • AskCody Overview

    Get the full overview of AskCody and our solutions explained in two pages. Learn what we do and how we can help your organization optimize workflows and office space utilization. More »

    AskCody Overview
  • Meeting Room Displays Product sheet

    Display daily activities from your Outlook or Office 365 Calendar, and schedule meetings directly on the meeting room display to avoid meeting interruptions and improve meeting utilization. Make a reservation, find out if the room is free or occupied, or confirm your reservation. More »

    Meeting Room Displays Product sheet
  • Visitor Management Product sheet

    No more pen and paper. Optimizing front-desk resources with one simple solution. The AskCody Visitor Management Add-on enables automatic handling of guest pass printouts and host notifications. Add attendees to your meetings scheduled in Outlook and Office 365 to the guest list in the reception and let the receptionist know who’s coming today. More »

    Visitor Management Product sheet
  • Workplace Advanced Product sheet

    Maximize your success and extend it across the entire organization and enterprise. Do more with Workplace Advanced and automate business processes using service vendor workflows and business rules. More »

    Workplace Advanced Product sheet
  • Workplace Essentials Product sheet

    Designed for businesses requiring a full-featured booking functionality of both meeting rooms, conference rooms, hot desks, workstations, and all workplace resources, while having full overview and insights into utilization with data to act on. More »

    Workplace Essentials Product sheet
  • Workplace Starter Product sheet

    Designed for all sizes of organizations and business that want to get started with a Meeting Management solution quickly getting insights into how their workplace is performing and is being utilized. All seamlessly integrated with Outlook, Exchange and Office 365. More »

    Workplace Starter Product sheet


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