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Aderant is a global industry leader providing comprehensive business management software for law firms and other professional services organizations. We believe technology should make your job easier by automating processes, enabling collaboration among people and systems, being adaptable to your changing needs, and empowering change management across generations in the workforce. Whether you are a boutique firm with one office, or have more than a dozen offices on four continents, Aderant is in business with firms like yours.

Whatever your needs, Aderant has a solution for you – Aderant Expert for practice management, Handshake and Drive for knowledge management, iTimekeep, OCG Live & Thrive for timekeeping and compliance, BillBlast for eBilling, CompuLaw for docketing and calendaring, and Expert Case for legal case management. To learn more visit Aderant.com, email us at info@aderant.com, or follow us on Twitter @Aderant or on LinkedIn.  


  • Aderant iTimekeep

    Aderant iTimekeep is the #1 mobile attorney time tracking software. It was created specifically for timekeepers to allow faster access to time records and activity, ultimately increasing revenue by producing the most accurate records, minimizing time leakage, and creating shorter billing cycles with fewer billing errors and quicker payments. 

    Non-compliance with client billing guidelines is costing your firm tens of thousands of dollars per day. iTimekeep makes it quick and easy for timekeepers to dictate or enter their time as tasks are completed from anywhere, any time, on any device. Violations are corrected as the timekeeper enters time, which prevents costly rejections and payment delays, while preserving the client’s relationship with your firm.

    More Information » www.aderant.com/itimekeep

    Aderant iTimekeep
  • Aderant BillBlast

    Aderant BillBlast simplifies complex eBilling efforts and increases billing staff capacity. BillBlast centralizes multiple spend management platforms into one legal eBilling solution. From client directed compliance, to submission and acceptance tracking, BillBlast simplify processes and accelerate payment. 

    BillBlast is the ultimate tool in legal billing software. Take control of the OCG compliance and legal eBilling submission by simplifying and centralizing multiple client spend management platforms into one legal eBilling solution. BillBlast empowers law firms to increase productivity and profitability by streamlining legal eBilling submission, improving compliance with client requirements, and accelerating the path to acceptance and payment. 

    More Information » www.aderant.com/ebilling-billblast

    Aderant BillBlast
  • Aderant CompuLaw

    Aderant CompuLaw is the number one legal calendar, docket and matter management solution available today. Protect your practice with rules-based calendaring with CompuLaw, the number one legal calendar, docket, and matter management solution. Reduce the risk of malpractice exposure from calendar-related errors, and reduce potential human errors with rules-based, configurable date calculations.

    More Information » www.aderant.com/solutions-calendaring-compulaw

    Aderant CompuLaw


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