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Basic Commands that your ESA Dog Must Obey - Guide


Do you have an ESA dog? Or are you thinking of getting one? Either way, what really matters is that your dog knows to obey you.

This is a very important factor in an ESA.

In fact, a disobedient dog may never become an ESA. You may never get an esa letter for housing a doggo if you can’t control it. So, manners are super important, really!

But there is so much to teach that you are probably confused at the moment.

No worries. I have come up with a list of commands that you can teach your ESA.

Just have a look at them.


Command #1: Their Name

The first thing that you need to reach your doggo is their name. To get their attention, that is.

Your dog won’t just listen to any command of yours. You will have to address them directly and then command them. For this, you need to call them by their name.

Once that is done, the other commands become easier.


Command #2: Watch

Now that your dog knows its name and can recognize it, you need to teach them to watch you by saying “watch”.

This command will be helpful for a lot of things. Especially if you want to show them something.Also know that can dogs eat carrots.

Or teach them to do something. Also, you can use this trick to get your focus away from distractions.


Command #3: Sit

Why is this command important? Well, it stops your doggo right away and then peacefully sits down.

So, if your dog is being a touch aggressive, you can say “SIT” and they should sit down immediately.

This will show everyone that you are the one in charge and that you can control your dog.

Command #4: Down

Down is not equal to “sit”. Down is the position your dog takes when they put their entire body on the floor.

It is a sign of total surrender and again shows how good you are with your ESA.

Again, you can use this command to calm your dog down anywhere and anytime you want. So, train them for this command as well.

Command #5: Stand

“Stand” means standing properly on all four legs.Read first that can dogs eat avocado or not.

If your dog is being particularly lazy then use this command and have them stretch their legs a bit. You can either shout it or use a dog whistle for it. Use different noises for different types of commands.

Or, you can keep the whistle for just one command.

Command #6: Stay

This command is usually used in combination with others so it is best if you first teach the above commands.

This command makes your doggo freeze in their place. This is usually used after you say “sit” or “stand” or “down.

Whatever position your dog may be in, “stay” will make them stay in that position for as long as you want.

Command #7: Here

This is a very informal command but is really useful.

“Here” simply means that you are calling your dog to come to you.

Now, you may think this is lame but wait until you get a dog. They are excitable creatures and like to roam around a lot.

So, you will be using this command a lot. Best make sure that it is grilled in your dog’s mind.

Here are the most important ones.

Sure, there are other commands that your dog can learn. But first, teach these. Then, you will be able to get your esa letter easily enough. Once it is seen that your doggo is a well-mannered beast, then you will have no problem at all.

You will just have to find a legit website that gets you in touch with a licensed medical practitioner.

Then, it is only a matter of time that you get your letter.



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