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WAMS, Inc.

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WAMS, Inc.

WAMS has been providing law firm and businesses with computer consulting and support services since 1974. As one of the oldest and most respected law firm automation consultants and integrators in Southern California, WAMS continues its reputation for quality and service today by installing and maintaining computer systems for hundreds of law firms and businesses.

WAMS puts the customer first. Our goal is to develop and maintain long term relationships with all of our customers. We keep our implementation agreements friendly and flexible to take advantage of opportunities that will benefit both the customer and WAMS. From start to finish, WAMS cares about your business and wants to support you to be as successful as you can be.

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  • Managed Services

    In general, WAMS Managed Services represents a new approach to IT Support. The WAMS managed services offering, ManagedCARE, takes complete ownership of the technology you choose to have managed for one monthly price. Because ManagedCARE packages are all inclusive, you know your costs in advance and there are no surprises. ManagedCARE also allows WAMS to take a proactive approach to managing your IT. Instead of reacting to issues, WAMS is able to be alerted and fix the problem before users experience any downtime.

    More Information » www.wamsinc.com/solutions/managed-services

    Managed Services
  • Cloud Computing

    Law firms and small businesses are tired of spending time and money on housing their IT infrastructure onsite. With all the hype around cloud computing over the past few years, firms have become interested in offloading the liability of owning and maintaining their IT. Dealing with servers, PC’s, and IT people is usually not what most firms want to focus on. The reality is that most people still do not have all of the facts about cloud computing and believe it to be unsecure, unreliable, and not a turnkey solution. This is far from the truth!

    More Information » www.wamsinc.com/solutions/cloud-computing

    Cloud Computing

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