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  • Solutions for Law Firms

    Customized Software Designed to Improve the Effectiveness of Document Management Systems

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  • Symphony OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

    Text searches are handy, but they don't detect text on image-based PDFs (or, really, anything that's scanned into your document management system)—unless you have Symphony OCR. With this product, every document is text searchable, making it simpler to find exactly what you need when you need it.

    Take the frustration out of finding documents

    Symphony OCR automatically applies OCR to documents filed into your document management system, making them text searchable. This feature can be applied to scanned documents (PDF and TIFF files), e-faxes, email attachments, and more—even legacy files. When documents are OCRed, you can search by keyword to find them. In addition, this product gives you the ability to select, copy, and paste text from the document to avoid wasting time retyping.

    Symphony OCR supports integration with the following platforms:

  • SignatureBridge (Electronic Signature Software)

    SignatureBridge provides a solution to law firms that manage contracts and transactional documents by providing a bridge between the document management system and eSignature product. SignatureBridge allows you to monitor and facilitate the signature process and ensures ALL signed documents are filed within the document management system.

    Route Documents for eSignature
    Send out files from your document management system to multiple users for eSignature

    Monitor eSignature Status
    Instantly identify documents routed for signature and monitor signature status from within your document management system

    Aggregate Signed Documents Automatically
    Once all signatures have been captured, SignatureBridge automatically checks the document back into your document management system

    SignatureBridge integrations
    NetDocuments® and DocuSign®

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  • Auto Filer

    Auto Filer is a must-have any time you need to quickly file a significant number of documents. From invoices to client communication and more, this solution makes filing faster and error-free.

    Great for invoices, billing, and more

    Auto Filer saves time on filing documents so you can spend it on billable work. From everyday invoices, to quarterly or annual billing report, to other bulk document filing, this solution streamlines the process and makes it easy to prevent filing errors.

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  • Publisher

    Publish documents to client portals pronto.

    If your law firm uses a client portal, incorporate Publisher into your workflow to quickly send documents to the portal. With this intuitive solution, your staff can quickly, easily, and accurately share legal reports and documents with your clients by batch uploading them to the system.

    Great for client communications and billing

    Publisher makes it a breeze to share documents with your clients by batch uploading files to the correct folder in your client portal. During initial setup, Trumpet works with your team to match your client records to the appropriate portal folder. Then, whenever you would like to upload files to the portal, simply drag them into the Publisher workspace, and click “Send Files.”

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